Popped! (16 Weeks)

16How far along? Sixteen weeks!

Are you showing? Absolutely.IMG_5022

Gender: We’ll find out in nine days!! 🙂

Total weight gain: I have gained 0.4lbs. I’ll take it. 

Maternity clothes: Oh yes.  

Stretch marks: Just the pre-existing ones. But my lower belly is starting to get itchy. Coconut oil, for the win!

Sleeping: So-so.

Food Cravings: MILK. And chocolate! 

Anything making you sick or queasy? Mostly gone! (Knock on wood.)

Miss Anything? Energy, Sleep, Wine, and Sushi. 

Movement: More frequent flutters and a few actual jabs. Which are more like strong pokes at this point. Jellybean started jabbing at the laptop as I typed this!

Labor signs: Nope!

Symptoms: Light stretching/cramps, pure exhaustion, emotional, and the acne of a teenager. Oh, and heartburn has arrived with a vengeance.  

Belly Button in or out: Still in, but weird and bumpy-ish. I don’t think it’ll hold on very long this time around.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody: Happy for the most part! But also emotional. 

Best moments this week: Feeling flutters more often! Seeing a healthy growing bean on the ultrasound!

Looking forward to: More energy. It’s starting to pick up finally!

We had an ultrasound this week while testing a new doctor, and Hubby swears he sees boy-parts. I don’t see any parts, boy or girl. Remember that episode of Friends when Rachel and Ross have their ultrasound? Remember Rachel’s reaction? Yep. 1 2I couldn’t even tell you for sure if that’s a butt shot. That’s how bad I am at deciphering this mess.

Our actual gender scan is NEXT FRIDAY! WHOOP. Be sure to follow me on instagram to know whether Jellybean is a he or a she before anyone else! 🙂


Oh, Hey Second Trimester! (13 Weeks)

IMG_1585-2 3SECOND TRIMESTER! WHOOP. I feel like this pregnancy is flying and crawling at the same time. We find out the gender in four weeks, and after that it can just slooooooow down.

Also, I’m pretty sure my belly got bigger overnight last night. Maybe not, but I’m going to pretend it did to make myself feel better. At least I’m looking more pregnant, and less like I’ve eaten too many bags of cheetos. (Which I would never do, obviously…)

How far along? Thirteen weeks!

Are you showing? Yep. Not really hiding it anymore.

Gender: We’ll find out the first week of October! Drew and Aiden want a girl, I would like a girl since we obviously already have a boy, but I’ll be happy with healthy!

Total weight gain: Gained another pound back! Sitting at -3 for the moment. I’ll take it. I was +10 by this point with Aiden.  

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I was determined to wear my favorite shorts last night one more time, and I had to use the hair-tie and belly band trick.   

Stretch marks: Just the pre-existing ones.

Sleeping: So-so. But tired alllllll the time.

Food Cravings: Tomatoes, cheese, & cheerwine. Which DOES have caffeine in it. FYI. I learned that this week.   

Anything making you sick or queasy? It’s finally easing up! Still have moments of nausea, but haven’t actually puked in a few weeks. (Knock on wood.)

Miss Anything? Energy, Sleep, Wine, and Sushi. 

Movement: Flutters and wiggles! 

Labor signs: Nope!

Symptoms: Light stretching/cramps, pure exhaustion, slight nausea, soooooo emotional, and the acne of a teenager.

Belly Button in or out: Still in!

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody: Happy for the most part! But very easily brought to tears by absolutely nothing. Unless you count dropping Aiden off at pre-k. He was fine, I was a hot mess. Blame the hormones. 

Best moments this week: Feeling flutters more often!

Looking forward to: That second trimester burst of energy. It can come any day now. Really… any time would be great….?

Here’s your bumpdate! Go look at my instagram and compare it to yesterday’s photo and tell me if you think I look rounder today. 


Have You Ever Wondered Why Moms Don’t Shower?


So, up until this afternoon, I had no idea whatsoever what my contribution to this series would be. Then, I got the brilliant idea to take a quick shower while both Aiden and the little girl I care for were napping- an extremely rare occasion. I hadn’t washed my hair in two-ish days and the idea of a five minute shower sounded like the mom-equivalent of an all expenses paid vacation.

Aiden was snoozing in my bed, so I tiptoed past him, grabbed a towel and bolted into the bathroom. Peeked over my shoulder, and he was still snoring. Okay, I’m going for it.

So, I turn on the water, strip down and hop in. For a moment, I close my eyes and just take in the calm, peaceful silence. Clearly, what I’m experiencing is a slight taste of what Heaven will be like. Then, a sound simultaneously ruins my moment and nearly causes me to pee myself.


I whip around so quickly I almost lose my balance, and see none other than my three-year-old with this mischievous “up-to-something” face peeking around the shower curtain.


He’s referring, of course to the stretch marks that his own nearly ten-pound-infant-body left as a souvenir of pregnancy.


It was a shout more out of having the poo scared out of me, not so much out of anger. Though I was definitely frustrated.


So naturally, I did what any other mom would do in a moment like this and resorted to bribery. Obviously.

“Aiden, if you go lay down and watch Wallykazaam, I will give you a popsicle when I get out.”

Naturally, I mean a super organic-Pinterest-homemade-fresh-fruit-popsicle that I made myself and NOT the fudgesicle hidden in the back of the freezer. Naturally.


I watch as he returns to the bed and then go back into the solitude of my vacation shower. It’s not nearly as stress-free now that I know that he is awake ten feet away, but still. It’s worth a try. I squirt the shampoo into my hand and began to lather up the mane that is my hai….


Of course you do.

“Ok, go ahead and use Mommy’s potty and I’ll help you in just a minute.”

I remove the fiery, painful suds that have now taken up residence in my eye socket. I regain my vision just in time to see a little head peeking around the curtain, again.

“I need help with my button..” 

I try to strategically reach around the curtain without causing the need to answer any more anatomical questions he may have. Successfully unbutton his shorts and watch him sit on the toilet. I feel like it’s safe to return to quickly wash my body. He is a man after all, even if he’s the smaller version. I’ve got time. I start to lather up and use the washcloth when…

“Uh, I fink I hab a problem.”

Totally something every mother wants to hear her child say.

“What kind of problem?”

“I hab an accident… your towel is wet. And your phone has pee sprinkles on it too.”

I peek around the curtain again to see that my towel is in fact soaked, as well as the rest of the floor, and my iPhone is in fact covered with “pee sprinkles.” Great. I’ll have fun explaining this one to the guys at the phone store, not to mention my Husband. I reach down and dry the phone with a non-pee-soaked area of the towel and toss it a safe distance from the bathroom. I tell Aiden to finish his business while I rinse off, and then I will help him.

I give up on even attempting to wash the remainder of my body and just begin to rinse off.

“Uh, Mommy? I fink my butt is empty. I just had to pee after all!”

I’m pretty much ready to scream at this point. Instead, I take a deep breath and tell him to put his undies (they were safely dry on the other side of the room) back on and hang out until I’m done. I finish rinsing off, turn off the water, and step out of the shower…

And directly into a puddle of pee. 

I wish I could say that this kind of thing doesn’t happen often, but I would be lying. It’s a daily occurrence. Not specifically the pee-puddle-stepping, but there’s always something. There are moments when I just want to scream out of pure frustration over Murphy’s Law taking effect, but then there are ten more moments like right now that make up for it. This little hot mess of mine is currently snuggled up to my side sleeping soundly as I type, because he “had a nightmare and needed to keep Mommy safe.”

Melt my heart, why don’t you?

All of the other moms have already said it, but I’m going to say it again for the sole reason of it being true. There is NO WAY to be a perfect parent. You WILL mess up. You WILL lose your temper. You WILL cry yourself to sleep. You WILL get overwhelmed. The way you learn from your mistakes is what defines you, not the mistake itself. I could’ve lost my temper with him today, and easily. But, instead I took a deep breath, cleaned the pee off of my feet, and then gave him a fudgesicle super organic-Pinterest-homemade-fresh-fruit-popsicle like I promised.

Something Mandy said in an earlier post this week really resonated with me. “Let your face speak what’s in your heart.” I want Aiden to always look at me and see the love that I have for ALL of him, even the parts that drive me nuts and cause me to step in fresh urine.


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Teacher Appreciation Project

Sorry it took me so long to get this posted!

You will need:
1-10 inch embroidery hoops
1-7 inch embroidery hoops
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
3-24pk boxes of crayons (per wreath)
Ribbon (I used two different patterns)
Misc Decorations (I used the wooden letter and wooden apple)

Disclaimer: Getting the crayons even is NOT as easy as it looked on Pinterest.

Step One:
Lay the 7in hoop inside of the 10in hoop and begin gluing the crayons!


Glue the crayons all the way around. It gets steadier after you glue the first 5-6 crayons.


Step Two: Add any details you want. I did a monogram for the teachers’ first names, and then wrote Ms. ________’s Class on the apple. Then added some ribbon and voila!


Aiden’s teachers LOVED these! 🙂


Follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more ideas!


http://www.instagram.com/taydellac or @taydellac

Weeeeeeeeeee! -Buddy

Missed posting yesterday since I was a bit under the weather, so I figured I would do a double post today! 🙂


Yesterday, Buddy made a zip line that ran across the living room with ribbon and a candy cane that he swiped from our tree 🙂




Every time Aiden left the room, Buddy slid a little further down the zipline. He never gets caught!



Then, he landed on the tree, where he stayed until bedtime!


Today, Buddy got into Mommy’s markers again!



Apparently D0gD0g (Aiden’s stuffed dog lovie) isn’t very good at TicTacToe. He only won once! Aiden couldn’t get over the fact that DogDog snuck out of his room while he was sleeping!


Buddy was lectured again for using Mommy’s markers without asking. He took it like a champ. 😉



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Elves Like Chocolate Too.

Buddy got into Aiden’s advent calendar and chocolate stash this morning!




But he saved today’s piece just for Aiden!


And another passive aggressive “list” reminder for Mommy.


Aiden’s reaction the Buddy eating his chocolate, summed up in a photo:



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Elf Diary 3: Elf on the Swing?

Apparently Buddy got into my craft stash last night and made himself a swing using my ribbon, and a toilet paper roll!




Buddy also wrote Aiden (who has been EXTRA…ummm…three-year-old-ish the last few days) a note reminding him to be NICE! And to make a Christmas list so that Santa’s helpers…aka the Grandparents… will leave Mommy alone! 😉



By the way, if you decide to try this one, you need some weight inside the TP roll to counter the weight of the elf’s head. These seashells worked perfectly, and Aiden couldn’t see them from his angle.







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Elf Diaries: Day 2

I’m not sure if Aiden was more concerned about the fact that Buddy colored on his face, or the fact that Buddy was holding Mommy’s markers. (Aiden isn’t allowed to touch them after a certain hallway wall re-decorating fiasco.) Either way, day two was successful…so far!





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