Playing Catch Up.

I tend to let my blog fall under the back-burner when I become busy, which is okay I guess. Some other things should come first. Since my last post, my baby has turned two, I started back at college, and I turned twenty-two this past Saturday.

Aiden had a Toy Story themed birthday in July. I invited a bunch of people thinking not so many would come, but pretty much all of them came, of course. I had a house FULL of people, and anyone who knows me, knew that I was about to lose my mind! So many people in my tiny house and yard, holy goodness. BUT, Aiden enjoyed having all of his favorite people around him all at once.

I took the past year off of school to work and spend as much time as possible at home with Aiden. Best choice I’ve ever made, and finding the motivation to get back in class was difficult. It helped that a lot of my friends graduated this past May, and were preparing to teach this fall. It made me jealous, and motivated me to get my degree so that I can begin teaching myself. I cant wait! Having Aiden put me a little behind, but it’ll be worth it in the long run! It also helped that this time, I’m on my own financially. Gives me the incentive to succeed in my classes since I’m the one paying for them this time around.

And lastly, turning twenty-two on this past Saturday was kind of a big deal for me. Sometimes I feel like no one takes me seriously as an adult and mother. Almost like they still see me as this naive, 15 year old girl. That’s not who I am. I am a twenty-two year old woman and mother. Maybe people will begin to take me seriously now that I’m out of the “party” age of 21. Because that’s clearly what I spent the entire year doing.

Regardless, I’m ready to see what this year has in store for Aiden and me!