Asher • Six Months Old!

Height: 27 inches

Weight: 16lbs 5oz

Clothing size: a few 3-6, but mostly 6 months or 6-9.

Eye color: Greenish Hazel (like Mommy!)

Teeth: Zero

Eating: Breastmilk, oatmeal, avocados, frozen grapes & broccoli, and he loves puréed foods, unlike his brother! Favorite things: Mommy & Daddy, the pupdog, but Aiden is his favorite person/thing in the world!

Dislikes: The car seat. And currently, sleeping longer than a two hour stretch.

Sleep: see dislikes…

Milestones, etc.: Crawling! Pulling up on everything! He’s gotten up to his knees many times and his feet once or twice!

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