Asher – One Month

It’s already time to do Asher’s first monthly update. Actually, it was time a week ago. Time is FLYING. Absolutely crazy to me that he is already 5+ weeks old. I’ve also been working on his birth story, and can’t wait until it’s ready to be shared. This is maybe the third time I have touched my computer since giving birth, so if I haven’t responded to your email yet, I will be soon! I’ll be back to blogging more in May.FullSizeRenderHeight: 21.75 inches

Weight: 9 pounds 2 ounces

Clothing size: Still Newborn and some 0-3 month.. which blows my mind because Aiden barely stayed in NB for a week.

IMG_2497Eyecolor: Gray or green-ish. Still changing!

Teeth: None yet.

Eating: On the boob, all day long. (At least that’s what it feels like.)

IMG_2496 Words: Starting to make little cooing noises!

Favorite things: Tummy time, Daddy’s voice, breastfeeding snuggles with Mommy, and watching Big Brother’s every move.

IMG_2495Dislikes: Riding in the carseat.

Sleep: Varies. Some nights he’s up 4+ times, other nights just once!

IMG_3252Milestones, etc.: Can flip himself from his belly to his back without a second thought. And he does, 100 times a day.

Fastest month of my life, so far. FullSizeRender-1-1

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