[Still] Really Pregnant.

cb 8Technically, my due date is still twelve days away (but who’s counting). But, I have had contractions on and off for a few weeks now. He finally flipped head down, AND has dropped quite a bit. The nursery is 99% ready, co-sleeper is put together, clothes/diapers/etc are all organized and ready to go.

Just need a baby.

How far along? Thirty-eight weeks and some change

Are you showing? Absolutely.

Gender: Baby BOY #2! 🙂

Total weight gain: Just over 20 pounds. 

Maternity clothes: Leggings. All day erryday. Nine months pregnant in the summer was easy because summer dresses. However, winter means if I don’t feel like doing the yoga-pilates-hybrid that shaving my legs requires, it’s perfectly okay.

Stretch marks: A few little ones up near my ribs from my belly dropping.

Sleeping: Rough. I’m always exhausted but never sleep well. He’s soooo low. And I’ve had a lot of pelvic pain and “false” contractions the last few weeks.

Food Cravings: Sushi.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Everything, if I get too full. 

Miss Anything? Sleep and wine. And sushi. And wine.

Movement: Um, yes. He tries to stretch out as though he has enough room to do so. He doesn’t.

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks. Pelvic pressure. Etc. But, for weeks. So, I’ll believe it when it happens. 

Symptoms: Uncomfortable and tired. But overall, I feel okay!

Belly Button in or out: OUT. 

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody: All of the above.

Best moments this week: Asher wiggling like crazy when Aiden talks to my belly. Melts a momma’s heart!

Looking forward to: My last days with my Bubba before he’s no longer the baby!

One thought on “[Still] Really Pregnant.

  1. I’ll be pregnant aaaallllll summer. I’m due August 13th. I do look forward to wearing dresses, but the Houston heat will be nothing nice. 😦 I wish you well with your delivery. Asher will probably be here any day now.


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