22 Weeks (& 21 too!)

I totally didn’t even do a bumpdate last week. That tells you how busy of a week it was. So here’s some updates and a bump picture! 🙂


How far along? Twenty-two weeks! And in shock that there are four weeks left in the second trimester. WHAT?!

Are you showing? Absolutely.

Gender: Baby BOY #2! 🙂

Total weight gain: 5-6 pounds. But I also just drank two cups of coffee. Ask me again after I pee in 10 minutes.

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I live in my maternity leggings. Invest in some, you wont regret it.

Stretch marks: Just the pre-existing ones. Thanks, Aiden.

Sleeping: Rough. He’s soooo low. And I’ve had a lot of pelvic pain and sciatic pain the last few weeks. Ouch.

Food Cravings: I’m just hungry. But nothing ever sounds good.

Anything making you sick or queasy? Meat. Asher is clearly a vegetarian. 

Miss Anything? Sleep and wine. And sushi. And wine.

Movement: Strong kicks now! Loving watching my belly move!

Labor signs: Nope! But a ton of pressure sometimes and Braxton Hicks have arrived at the party.

Symptoms: Irritable and tired. Overall uncomfortable because nothing seems to fit right! Asher loves to sit on my sciatic nerve now. FYI. IT HURTS. 

Belly Button in or out: Top half is out. -sigh-

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody: All of the above.

Best moments this week: Watching my belly move!

Looking forward to: Enjoying the second half of this pregnancy! It’s flying by so quickly! Also, I FINALLY have an appointment with a new OB who isn’t fighting my wishes to VBAC. So excited!


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