Aiden Goes to School

aid5Snack, complete with cheesy note from an emotional Mommy:IMG_3272Obligatory over-the-shoulder-backpack photo:
aid1The “I’m-only-smiling-because-Mommy-bribed-me” photo:aid4Four, going on twenty-four:aid2Close-up:aid3
Walking into his classroom:aid6
Finding his hook:aid7
Checking in:aid8Right after this, I walked away crying. A mixture of being sad that my baby is so grown, and being so proud of how secure and independent he’s becoming. Just about ten months until I have to send him off to kindergarten and just thinking about it makes me a hot, emotional mess. Blaming the pregnancy hormones.

Finally home with Mommy!IMG_6046

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2 thoughts on “Aiden Goes to School

  1. That sounds like such an exciting experience! I love the creativity in the photos – so unique! They will be so nice for Aiden to look back on when he’s older and remember those amazing first days. It’s so refreshing to have young mothers putting forth such an amazing effort in doing their best to raise their children. It’s clear you have stepped up to the plate, and that smile on your son truly shows it! I bet it feels great to defy the common stereotype and prove yourself to be such an amazing person, and Mommy! 🙂


  2. Too nice! 🙂 am gonna try and do the same with my kid even though there’s still a decade’s time. 😀

    And yea, don’t get too attached to your kid ya.. Give him the space to grow up and figure out the world from his own perspective.. Just saying..
    I know you’ll be a great mom..


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