Stop Asking Me if I’m Pregnant.

pregSince the day Andrew and I said, “I do” it seems like every person I speak to has one question:

“So when are y’all going to give Aiden a little brother or sister?”

For the past fourteen months I have had people ask me this constantly. Family members. Friends. People I met two or three times. People who knew of me through other people. People who read my blog. Everyone and their mother.

I’ll admit, at times it got pretty frustrating.

See, having a baby can be a touchy subject at times. Maybe we only want one kid. Maybe we want to wait a long time before we have more. Maybe we’re those people who have been trying for what seems like forever before it finally happens, if it does at all. Maybe I’m already pregnant, and I just haven’t been ready to share it with the entire world yet. 

Yeah. That last one sounds right. IMG_4447That’s right! Baby D will be joining our family in early March 2015!

Drew, Aiden, and I could not be more THRILLED to FINALLY share this news with all of you! We’re thankful for all of your prayers and well-wishes as we transition from a family of three to a family of four. 🙂

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