Transformation Tuesday: July

coralIf you’re an active follower, you know that I’ve been spending the better part of 2014 working on improving my health. I haven’t fallen off of the wagon, but I did hit a major plateau for almost the entire month of May. Pretty discouraging. It would’ve been so easy to fall right back into my old habits and gain all of that weight back, but I continued to count my calories and stay active and miraculously (at least it seemed that way) broke through it in June.

I reallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy hoped to be at a certain goal by today, but I missed it. Guess how much I missed it by?

Just guess.

I missed my goal by a WHOPPING 0.4 POUNDS.

I’ve lost 49.6 pounds since March 1, 2014 and I couldn’t be more thrilled with that. I’ve also lost a total of over 15 inches from my neck, arms, waist/hips, and legs since the first time I measured in April.ย IMG_0497Please excuse the hot mess that was my hair this morning.

Only dilemma, my clothes from last summer are all too big.

What is my secret?

I don’t really have one! I just eat what I want, but smaller portions and make better choices. I’m more likely to choose a turkey or chicken burger over a cheeseburger. Or maybe egg whites and turkey bacon over whole eggs and regular bacon. I’m definitely more likely to choose a huge, filling salad for the same or less calories as what I would’ve eaten before. I drink diet soda (trying to quit), coffee or water. Limit the juices, empty calories and sugars. I make sure to do 30+ minutes minimum of physical activity EVERY day. I track EVERY SINGLE CALORIE I eat or burn. I could easily have eaten 3000+ calories a day. Now my goal is 1370. (calculated by myfitnesspal).

I have a goal of losing about eight more pounds by the end of this month, nine will put me at the smallest I’ve been in my twenties. Also, I have only twenty pounds until my big goal. Seems much more attainable at 20 than it was at 70!ย HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE PEOPLE.

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