Oh, Hello June!

I love June! Summer is finally here, and I have about a month before I get fed up with the North Carolina heat and begin the countdown to Fall.

I normally do an update on my “lifestyle change” at the start of the month, BUT I am waiting until NEXT week because I have a big goal that I hope to hit by our anniversary next weekend. I will tell you that I have lost over 40 pounds since March 1st, and that I’m more confident than I’ve been in a long time!ย IMG_2275

Photos left to right: End of February, Mid April, this morning.ย 

Those shorts I’m wearing? Two sizes smaller than I was wearing at the start of March. Probably more actually, because I was in denial that the size I was “in” was actually too small. But, if I get brave, I’ll reveal all of my numbers either next week or at the start of July. That’s TBD ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, my BABY finished his year of preschool and heads to Pre-K this fall! WAAAAAAHHHHH. It’s just not okay.


He has a super busy summer ahead, full of soccer, swimming, multiple weeks of VBS, and TURNING FOUR. WHAT?!

Also, my series of guest posts kicks off tonight and runs through Friday. I have some phenomenal posts from some phenomenal women to fill your feeds with this week. I’m so excited. We start tonight with a post from Lauren at Working Mom Magic!


PS, if you’ve been following my 100 Happy Days posts, I haven’t kept up very well with posting them on here but Days 1-45ish are on my instagram… which you should really be following by now!

http://www.instagram.com/taydellac or @taydellac

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