Teacher Appreciation Project

Sorry it took me so long to get this posted!

You will need:
1-10 inch embroidery hoops
1-7 inch embroidery hoops
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
3-24pk boxes of crayons (per wreath)
Ribbon (I used two different patterns)
Misc Decorations (I used the wooden letter and wooden apple)

Disclaimer: Getting the crayons even is NOT as easy as it looked on Pinterest.

Step One:
Lay the 7in hoop inside of the 10in hoop and begin gluing the crayons!


Glue the crayons all the way around. It gets steadier after you glue the first 5-6 crayons.


Step Two: Add any details you want. I did a monogram for the teachers’ first names, and then wrote Ms. ________’s Class on the apple. Then added some ribbon and voila!


Aiden’s teachers LOVED these! 🙂


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