Turkeys, Indians, & Elves.

Ok, I suck at posting daily. I WILL at least do weekly for the rest of 2013. Here are some updates from November.

DIY/Craft Turkeys with my art class (It was a big hit…they are ages 3-5):

t2 t4turkeys t3





Aiden’s Thanksgiving Feast at his preschool:







AAAAAANNNNDDDDDDD Our Christmas decor is mostly up (much to my Husband’s dismay…Scrooge):


c1 c2


I will post more about our Christmas decor and traditions once it’s actually December.


For now, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of what’s to come… Get excited!!!




Our (currently nameless) Elf on the Shelf moves in Sunday! I’ll be sure to update on all of the shenanigans he gets into around here starting Monday.


Have suggestions for “Elf Shenanigans?” Or even a name suggestion? Comment below!




Otherwise, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!






4 thoughts on “Turkeys, Indians, & Elves.

  1. There are so many ideas for elf on the shelf on Pinterest! I’m bringing him into my classroom next week! I know Aiden will love it!


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