My Identity.

Lord, I am getting bad at keeping up with this. With or without my iPhone. No big changes since my last post. Still in school, still working, still being Mommy. Although, Aiden did start the two-year-old class at preschool at the beginning of September! He was so excited about going to “big boy school.” So far, he still seems to be loving it and is learning so much! Yesterday, he just randomly counted to seven. Like it was no big deal. I was shocked!

At the beginning of September, we also took our first “family” vacation to the beach with two of my best friends. My child has no fear! He was deeper in the ocean than even I am comfortable with (which isn’t that far). I will attach some photos below from the trip.

On a totally different topic… Normally, I’m not very open with all that went down between myself and Aiden’s father and how our relationship ended. I just don’t really think it’s anyone’s business but mine, his, and our family’s. What I will say is that we are civil. You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this?

My BIGGEST pet peeve is when people assume that because I have a child, I have a husband. NO, I don’t have a husband. NO, there is no one who will be my husband in the immediate future. AND NO, (and this is the big one) I AM NOT DIVORCED OR WIDOWED. People seem to assume that because I have a kid, I obviously had a husband at some point. No, I’ve never been married and kind of glad about that fact. It’s 2012, and I am perfectly capable of raising my son WITHOUT a husband. At Aiden’s preschool Friday, I was standing there (clearly a sitting duck for these women) and two of the other moms approached me and asked “what does your husband do?”

I simply said, “I don’t have one.”

This woman, who clearly had balls of steel, said “Oh no! What happened to him?”


Then, after I explained to them that Aiden’s dad and I were never married, and that I am this apparently (to them at least) almost extinct species called a “single mom,” one of them asked me, “So, are you seeing someone?”

If I am, it’s none of your damn business! GEEZ! First, I would always get “oh, your little brother looks just like you.” Now, I apparently am too incompetent to raise a child by myself.

End rant.

It would really be nice to just be seen as another mom for once instead of the girl who got knocked up when she was nineteen. I mean, is that the identity that will follow me forever?

Pictures from the beach trip, as promised:










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