Separation Anxiety or Control Freak?

My son, Aiden, is leaving me for 10 days-ish starting tomorrow night. This will be the longest he has EVER been away from me, and to top it off he will be halfway across the country.

He’s going to Oklahoma with his dad to visit some extended family. While I know it’s good for him to have time with his bio-Dad and other family, I’m still having a hard time accepting that I have to relinquish control to someone else. Control freak? Absolutely. Trust issues? Most definitely.

I know he will be perfectly fine, and I just have to keep reminding myself of this fact.

While he’s gone, I plan to busy myself by deep cleaning the house, various projects, and planning his 2nd birthday party. Hard to believe he will already be two in just over a month! Where does the time go?


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